Barna Advertising Group

Barna Advertising Group consists of specialized and educated personnel in the field of advertising. Our goal in this series is to develop and provide all advertising, marketing and communication services, including campaign design, marketing research, digital marketing, environmental media advertising, support, animation and teaser, public relations and events and customer experiences.

Ability to plan for the implementation and distribution of all advertising services in the best possible way in all advertising media available throughout the country by Barna’s fully professional team in the field of marketing and advertising.

At Barna Advertising, we have different services and specific programs for the customer. Our consultants and advertising planners are not only with you in the campaign, but also monitor and follow your work at any time so that they can give you the best guidance at every stage of the work. Advertising becomes anti-advertising if it is not appropriate in time and place. We not only use creativity in design and execution, but we also plan to execute work, and this is what makes Barna’s advertising different from others.

At Barna Advertising Group, we believe:

To protect the interests of our customers, we must be committed to providing useful solutions.
Organizational order, punctuality and teamwork are required to join the group.
The creativity, innovation and learning of the organization has made us a leader in our work.
Professional ethics and mutual respect are two basic elements in the process of providing total group services to customers.

Barna’s strategic goals:

Increase loyal brands / increase the income of the whole group / increase the specialists of the group / win domestic and foreign awards

Increase exports / Develop foreign offices / Increase profitability / Increase customer satisfaction / Increase employee satisfaction / Increase market share

Dr. Goddess of Promoters

Dr. Henry (Digital Marketing), Master of Graphic Arts, Professor of Tehran and Karaj Universities, Member of the Foundation

National Elite, Iran’s top researcher in 1995 and 1996, exemplary student in 1996, author

Several books, writing more than 30 research articles, domestic and international

our customers