Production of advertising teasers

Today, producing advertising teasers and broadcasting teasers on TV and cyberspace is one of the best advertising methods. Production of advertising teasers or promotional video clips is done at different levels. Making cheap advertising teasers allows you to have multiple videos of your business that you can use anywhere and anytime. Portfolio of advertising teaser of Barna Advertising Company is available in various fields and you, dear ones, can easily see our portfolio.
Big ads are not for big brands and holdings, you have to make big ads to grow and be seen.

Successful promotional teaser

A successful advertising teaser is the result of a creative script, professional directing and clever broadcast from the appropriate media.

You should pay attention to which advertising tools and media are most effective in playing your advertising teaser.

Your advertising teaser should have an advertising aspect in addition to your introduction.

In making an advertising teaser, be sure to pay attention to having an attractive scenario.

Never sacrifice quality for price and create a quality promotional teaser that suits your brand.

Commitment and responsibility is one of the most important factors in the success of advertising projects.

Committed and responsible people are more reliable because of their accountability, and working with these people is relaxing.
The professional team of Barna Advertising Company, with a brilliant history, works in the field of making all kinds of advertising teasers.

  • Production of advertising teasers
  • Production of advertising animation
  • Production of advertising motion graphics
  • Creating an Instagram advertising teaser
  • Promotional video clip


Making animation is one of the effective tricks in modern era advertising. Advertising animation has become so popular these days that you have to use advertising animation to be seen, to be popular, to attract an audience and to have a customer in cyberspace. In fact, by making advertising animation, you capture the thoughts and imagination of your audience.
Many people think that making animation is very expensive, but in fact, when you go to make animation in your advertising, you will spend less and you will achieve the desired result in a shorter time. When you use advertising animation in your brand advertising, you will create a lasting image of your brand in the minds of the audience that will not be erased from their memory over the years, and wherever it is mentioned, the name and the memory of gaining And it will revive your work in the hearts. Advertising animation will help you create content to promote your brand that engages and evokes memories in the minds of today’s audience and tomorrow’s customers.
Barna Advertising Company specializes in making 2D and 3D animation. Join us

Motion logo

What is a motion logo and what does it do? You may have noticed that the logo of a particular brand is animated at the beginning or end of a graphic video or advertising teaser.
Logo Motion is a method in which a logo is animated by sound and graphic symbols. Animated logo is also a sub-branch of graphic science that uses other techniques such as animation and motion graphic design to design an animated logo. One of the important advantages of motion graphics is the transmission of messages in the shortest time. The persistence of the message with this advertising method is much more in the mind of the audience than other methods. Therefore, a professional motion graphic can have a great impact on branding a brand.
Barna Advertising Company has designed creative motions for your business with the latest logo technology.
Motion logo is one of the motion graphic techniques that can have a great impact on branding a brand.

TV teaser

Users today are most interested in watching video. 92% of Internet users watch promotional videos and one third of shoppers buy after seeing the promotional teaser. The following are some of the benefits of TV commercials.
• Users share video. If your teaser ad is attractive, be sure to market it to people for free by subscribing to it!
Video is the best form of notification. Wade has images and music and is moving, so it can convey the most information to the user’s mind in the shortest time.
• Search engines are interested in video. Search engines prioritize sites that have video.
• Advertising teaser attracts customer trust. A US survey found that 36% of people trust teaser ads

Making a promotional documentary

Documentary film is one of the major branches of cinema that is made to depict the real aspects of an event or place. Today, documentary filmmaking is a filmmaking technique in which the main goal is to publish the story in a way that confronts the audience, in which it is constantly evolving and has no boundaries. Simply put, a documentary is a kind of storytelling. The first step in making a documentary is to find the subject and expand the thought, which leads to the two parts of story discovery and story development and compilation.
The documentary shows the event that takes place in front of the camera in a completely real way. The key to the success of any film is to attract the audience, in documentaries it tries to attract the audience by presenting a proper image of the popular challenges. Follow our creative ideas in Barna’s advertising campaign.