Environmental advertising is undoubtedly the oldest method of advertising. Environmental advertising refers to the physical elements applicable to advertising that are within the reach of viewers. Billboards, billboards, billboards inside the subway, bus hulls and مختلف are different types of environmental advertising. One of the great advantages of environmental advertising, which makes it superior to other advertising media, is that the audience has to see environmental advertising and because he can not cover his eyes from the colors and designs around him. In defining the content of this media, it can be said as follows: Environmental advertising media provides the audience with information and information about the introduction of a new product to the market or the provision of a new service by service owners for their audience.


The dimensions of the Strawboard compared to the dimensions of the advertising billboard have made this structure easy to install and execute in any place. Strabboard rental is more affordable than renting a billboard. It is in line with the view of drivers on the streets, so it increases the effectiveness and efficiency of this advertising medium, because one of the most important goals of an advertising medium is its viewing rate. The vastness and large number of Strawboard structures in the streets, squares and aisles shows the power of this advertising medium.


Banners are also a way of informing and conveying advertising messages to the audience. This printing method, like other methods, includes texts and images, which convey the business message to the audience.
Today, banners, like posters, present the advertising message to the audience in the form of an artistic and graphic design.

Exhibition decoration

One of the most important roles that an exhibition booth plays is its potential in attracting the audience. It should be noted that booth construction in the city is very important in attracting the audience, therefore, industry owners are always looking for different designs and designs related to their goods and services.
The design of the exhibition booth should be such that it attracts the desired audience and keeps them for a while so that at this time it can introduce its services and goods to it. Do not forget that the time required to attract the audience in your booth is only 5 seconds, if in these 5 seconds the important points in attracting the audience are not paid the necessary attention, you as an employer will be an important part of your potential customers who are attracted visually You will lose. In addition to the above, paying attention to the color, lighting, decoration and details of a booth are also elements that should be considered in the design of the booth