Compilation and writing of the campaign

Advertising campaign is a set of multifaceted advertising activities that first of all the purpose of the campaign is determined, the audience is determined and with careful planning, it tries to send the right message in the right time period with the right budget for the right audience and bring the audience closer to Encourage the goals of that campaign. As the term implies, an advertising campaign has a set of parameters that separate it from a simple ad or an appropriate ad. In fact, an advertising campaign has a holistic approach, some of which I will briefly mention
An advertisement to create an advertising campaign must have access to the company’s upstream documents such as business plan or marketing plan, or at least the customer must provide parts of the company are not secrets of the company to the advertising company to have a full view of The company itself has long-term and strategic goals, products or services, competitors, micro and macro industry environment.

Creativity and idea generation

Ideation, the first and most important thing in advertising!

An ad with creative brainstorming will catch your eye everywhere. This ad can include TV ads, environmental ads, press ads or digital ads, especially ads on social networks such as Instagram and Telegram. Different brands and companies spend a lot of money on advertising companies. You may be wondering if this is cost effective.
Researchers and experts in the field of advertising answer this question in the affirmative. Ideation is the first step in advertising. Production of graphic works and textual and visual content, filming and execution of advertisements are all based on the initial idea; Now, the more creative the idea, the more effective the ad.

Writing promotional messages

Perhaps one of the most important parts of an advertising campaign, which unfortunately has received a lot of attention in our country, is this part of the message, content or, as modernists say, content. What message are we supposed to give to the audience based on the goals of the advertising campaign and their fulfillment? In other words, what is he going to be arrested for advertising? A very important point in preparing and sending a message is that the message should be simple. At Barna Advertising Group, we always try to engage the viewer by creating creative messages. This is also very good, but sometimes the excess of creativity and modernity confuses the audience or the original message is lost. Therefore, I emphasize again that the message of the advertisement should be simple so that the audience of the advertisement understands it well and of course keeps it in mind.

Target advertising

Our goals are the blueprints that guide our thinking.

Advertising targets are the targets that the ad management system is moving towards. The inputs, processes and outputs of an advertising campaign all work towards achieving the goals.
Advertising goals all work towards achieving the goals. Appropriate advertising goals reflect the purpose of an organization. In other words, they result directly from the mission of the organization.