Logo design and office set

Logo design is one of the most important branches of graphic design and represents the identity and personality of a collection, person, job or any activity.
A successful logo quickly affects the audience and attracts the eye. The logo should be recognizable quickly without any words or phrases and should have a coherence that distinguishes it from other logos. It must be strong and reliable enough to maintain its credibility and usability for a long time. There are many ways to design any type of letter, but the main feature of a good sign or symbol is its simplicity or brevity.
Therefore, it is observed that the logo, while simple, has many features and characteristics that all these concepts must be subtly and accurately created in the form of an image. This is why some people believe that logos are one of the most difficult topics in graphic design.
The title is considered part of the company’s identity. Logo is a valuable tool for recognizing the company faster.
In general, an ideal logo should express its message in a way and arouse and show the audience’s feelings towards the company. Now this logo may not express all the desired performance of the company.
Barna Advertising offers a complete set of everything a brand needs to stand out and be seen. Logo design in our creative team is done in a completely professional and distinctive way. We believe that creating a visual brand symbol requires a strategic and scientific vision.

Catalogs and brochures

Brochures and catalogs are a collection of products or services provided by a company or institution with the smallest information required for the seller or intermediary of that product or service.

Brochures and catalogs are referred to as advertising and sustainable media. A brochure or catalog is a type of print business media that contains a description of the specifications, general use of the goods and some other useful information that your consumers and customers need. Today, brochures and catalogs are usually used to inform your customers about the company. Used. This is information about the product or service that your company offers. A brochure catalog is also an important advertising tool that significantly allows you to promote one or more products or services. The brochure automatically identifies your company and shows the reputation of the business. Catalog brochures convey to the audience how to properly use, exploit and apply a particular topic. It should be noted that large and small companies need brochures as a way to advertise. A brochure is a concise way to share information and encourage people to buy products and services. Brochure Catalog is a tangible and credible sales and marketing tool.

  • Advantages of using a brochure
  • Easy distribution of brochures
  • Brochure cost-effectiveness
  • Brochures, the builder of your business credit
  • Brochure, carrier of comprehensive information


Packaging is the manufacture or preparation of a protective container that preserves the health and goods of the object or its content in the period after production and in the stages of transportation, storage, distribution until final consumption and prevents possible physical or chemical damage. N

Packaging can be considered a cover of a system called a product.

Packaging is a guarantee concept for safe delivery of goods to the final consumer at favorable conditions or minimum cost. It is a technical-economic act that minimizes the cost of commodity transformation while maximizing sales and thus profits.

Increasing development of various health and beauty industries in the country and worldwide and also the significant competition of each company to gain the target market and satisfaction of potential customers and provide different brands with various characteristics of health and beauty products. The role of packaging as a product representative Is specified. Because the world is taking a step towards self-service. And in different and alternating stores, similar products with different brands and special features have attracted attention and the relationship between sellers and end consumers has been minimized.

In any case, the importance of maintenance and packaging of goods is not less than their production “and in the end, the production of each product, packaging is the determining factor in maintaining it until it reaches the consumer and on the other hand the best and biggest promoters”. Advertising a company’s products.

Making a replica

Barna Advertising Group consists of specialized and educated personnel in the field of advertising. Our goal in this series is to develop and provide all advertising, marketing and communication services, including campaign design, marketing research, digital marketing, environmental media advertising, support, animation and teaser, public relations and events and customer experiences.

Promotional gifts

Promotional gifts can range from a promotional nylon to the most expensive watches and even a car.

The best promotional gifts are gifts that can be seen more and better, for example, gifts that can be placed on the desk or a watch that is fastened on the wrist, which can be one of the most visited promotional gifts. The location of the advertisement on the gift should be in good view and in this type, the advertisement is usually done in the center of the gift. The fact that a promotional gift is large or expensive does not necessarily mean that it is effective. For example, even a small pen can be more valuable and useful in this regard than an expensive bag. Advertising always has a great impact on increasing sales and business prosperity, and if implemented purposefully, it can provide a lot of information to customers. This can be done by offering a promotional gift and engraving your brand name in your mind forever.

In the field of promotional gifts, we can mention many subgroups, including:

Advertising set, types of keychains: metal keychain – wooden keychain and…. Jakarta, desktop clock, wall clock, pen, calendar, tools, flash memory, mouse pad, organizer, hat, T-shirt, mug or mug are also other promotional gifts.